Church of the Annunciation, Marble Arch, London

A welcoming and international community centred around a devotional life rich in worship, prayer and music


The Sidesmen greet people as they arrive at church, give out information and organise the offertory – taking the collection and bring the bread and wine to the altar in preparation for the Liturgy of the Sacrament. They also tidy up the church chairs, hymnals and service guides following mass.

Mr Tim Carnegie
Communications and Publicity Subcommittee, Deanery Synod Representative, Sidesman
Mr David de Kervern
Mr David Dell
Reader, Sidesman
Mr Oliver Dixon
Reader, Sidesman
Mrs Caroline Exten-Wright
Reader, Refreshments, Sidesman
Mr Jonathan Exten-Wright
PCC Elected/Co-opted Member, Reader, Sidesman
Mr Richard Lawrence
Mrs Andreas Lind
Reader, Sidesman
Mr Percy Smend
Reader, Sidesman
Mr Lawrence Tang
Ms ShanMae Teo
Reader, Sidesman
Mr Kit Tsoi
Clearing up, Reader, Sidesman
Mrs Helen White
Reader, Sidesman

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